“Wilsn is one of the finest soul artists and best vocalists in Australia.” –

“The new WILSN track shows just how good she is at writing a hook. Melty & delightful.” – triplejunearthed (

“Walking For Days is the name of the new impressive piece WILSN is choosing to put out, and, throughout it, we uncover hints of what aesthetic the Melbourne native perhaps wants to have. Back on the track is her soul-laden rock sound, her inclusion of various, swinging instruments, and an ability to sound appealing as well as raw and even experimental. Not many female acts have the kind of style, sonically, as we hear here, and for that, we’re impressed all the more with WILSN’s work. She’s doing things her way, and her way sounds great.” –

“WILSN might not yet be a household name, but there’s every chance you’ve heard her debut single ‘Unmeet You’ at some stage over the past few months. We’ve played it a whole lot and it’s the kinda track that jumps out at you every time you hear it. She keeps the irresistible soul pop bent going with her latest track ‘Walking For Days’ and again shows off her perfect, soulful voice.” –

“Resonant with Studio A sonics and propelled by Motown energy, “Walking For Days” is the muscular yet breezily-soulful new single from Melbourne’s WILSN. It sounds like love – of making music, of old records and their worn sleeves, or falling into it best of all. It’s full and pure, and an absolute joy.” –

“WILSN is a recent addition to the already thriving Melbourne funk and soul scene, but with a voice like hers, we don’t think she’s going to have any trouble standing out from the crowd. ‘Unmeet You’ has plenty of classic soul feel to it and, let’s face it, we can all relate to wanting to “unmeet” someone.” –

“WILSN’s soulful cover of Lay It Down is crisp and uninhibited by stylised production, leaving an unshakable and addictive affinity between listeners and the rising artist.” –

“All good soul music has feel – in the playing, arrangements, the lyrics and the singing. This one ticks all those boxes.” – Richard Kingsmill of

“This is the Motown sound given a modern polish, all soaring choruses and backing harmonies. Very nice indeed.” – Adventures In Music

“Forget neo-soul, this is old soul – the type that never goes out of style. Shannon Busch, aka WILSN, is a recent graduate from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. Busch showcasing the kind of husky vocals reminiscent of Dusty Springfield and Amy Winehouse – emotive but with a lightness of touch.” –

“…This girl is under-appreciated. ‘Unmeet You’ is one of the sweetest sounding jams to come out of Melbourne in a long time. It’s genuinely exciting to see Australia producing talent across the broad spectrum of musical taste. We don’t have to keep going back to pub rock and Aussue hip-hop, as great as those sounds are. We can literally mix it with the best in the world regardless of style. WILSN has as good a soul sound as I’ve heard anywhere, and you’d be doing yourself no end of favours if this found its way into your daily playlist.” – Adam Kelly,

“Old-school-new-school-soul vocals sounding as buttery and powerful as anything we’ve heard in a while, we’re sure this ones got legs. I can also see the Amy Winehouse comparisons coming whether, she likes it or not.” –

“Any kind of music with old-school-sounding soul within it is always worth a listen, and with “Unmeet You”, the roaring debut track from Melbourne’s WILSN, we’ve a track that’s definitely worth some attention. It packs a whole lot of punch, and with her commanding tone in it, some groovy guitars around her, and what energy-peaking chorus is induced from it all, “Unmeet You” is the kind of track that’s going to turn a lot of heads and please twice as many ears.” –

“There’s a lot of pop music that strives to be soulful but falls short. Yesterday, I posted a London singer who is one of the rare artists who actually gets it right and today, we are gifted with another. “Unmeet You” is the debut track from Melbourne singer WILSN, an energetic offering whose upbeat tempo is in contrast to the somber message she emphatically delivers. It’s an impressive introduction and one that definitely makes us excited to hear more.” –

“WILSN’s voice is a towering force alright and on this tune she shows it off with nice amounts of light and shade. It can blast out a tale of a woman scorned but just as easily offer up some cooing harmonies.” – Dave Ruby Howe of

“Shannon Busch is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter that is bridging that gap between past and future soul and she’s doing it in style. This new release named “Unmeet You” spills out vibrant, clean cut vocals as a walking bass line and that chirping guitar lead you into a smart, catchy chorus. This gal could be one to watch out for when she breaches from down under.” –

“WILSN’s “Unmeet You” must surely be garnering some label interest because it completely blew up when it first hit the net, and when you take into consideration her vocal resemblance to Amy Winehouse and ability to bring old school soul into the 21st century, she’s definitely onto something. “Unmeet You” is buttery smooth and WILSN’s powerful vocals form the perfect juxtaposition, teetering on the brink of fragility. The song is possibly the most infectious thing we’ve heard all year.” –

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